They say that everyone has a Magnum Opus within them. Whether they find it written well or not, whether they enjoy it or not, this is my Opus. Magnum may come later. It was a journey to see if I could accomplish it and when trying to balance a very busy career with the needs of my family I was surprised I ever managed to finish it. I was gripped by the Imperial Assassins when I encountered WH40K back in the 90s and loved the snippets of storylines found in various manuals and issues of White Dwarf. In the Age of Apostasy, I had a number of ideas to bring about the excitingly (from a Sci-Fi addict’s point-of-view at least) brutal Wars of Vindication with what should turn out to be an excellent twist or two right at the end of the saga without affecting the existing timeline. It was originally planned as a single book, but grew into three. Though this first book is self-contained, I am uncertain as to whether I will find motivation to finish the other two, so perhaps the twists will never manifest from the aether. Without backing from the Black Library, this book is offered freely, though I wish to retain some credit should the material be used elsewhere, and without their seal of approval, this book is should be seen as apocryphal, but hopefully not heretical! Book One: Temple of Assassins